Is a scam? You tell me!

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Olga Kapakos asked 5 years ago
I know that my money is gone to the tune of $12,250.00 USD.

Once I told Ben Lawrence from that I had no more money to feed the account, previously he had brought it up to aprox. $26,000.00 in about 3 months, the money started going at an extremely fast rate.

Ben continuously ignored my emails to stop trading and close down my account and send me my money, but he obviously thought this was very humorous.  He continued losing money for me and winning money for

You see, when an investor loses money on a trade, the broker wins it.

My account is now down to $21.00 and since the lowest trade is $25.00, he has accomplished what he set out to do.


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Yes Olga,
There are many scams like Trades Capital online. These unlicensed brokers are total frauds!

Omar answered 5 years ago
I have a bad experiment with this spotter called Lawrence when I tried to join the Binary Option Robot when I read about its reputation as a good software then the software pushed me to make my deposit with this bad and fraud broker called TradesCapital and unfortunately I did it with 250$ to try it and lost 86$ then after that I decided to withdraw my remaining money which is 164$ and introduced my request to them in 24/04/2016 and until today I did not receive any penny from it and sent more emails to support and accounting and info departments but they did not answer me except one email from accounting department asking me to contact my account manger Mr. Lawrence and I did and sent him more emails but he did not answer me then I tried to reach him via live chat in their website and failed because they did not care or response and sent 3 emails to Mr. Henry York the floor manger and also he did not answer me?!!!
Until now I do not get my money and my withdrawal request is still at pending status and do not know how to solve my problem with this bad and fraud broker company ?