Is a scam broker ?

Investment ForumCategory: General QuestionsIs a scam broker ?
Kenneth Saunders asked 5 years ago
I have invested £5000 in have I made a mistake ?

Are they a scam broker ?


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Invested or deposited to trade yourself?
You should read about managed accounts here:
They are not a licensed broker, so you should probably find a broker that has a license first, see:

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

So after we did a little research, we see that John Lucas is just an Alias. The real John Lucas is a basketball player.
Did you meet this John Lucas in person?
Just another reason for all readers to find a licensed broker here:

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
The best way to test any broker is to see how fast they process withdrawals.

Kenneth Saunders answered 5 years ago
Deposited , broker trading for me ?  Spoken with loads of times always picks the phone up and answers email.
His name is John Lucas ,

Kenneth Saunders answered 5 years ago
Please can I have an answer to my previous question . I getting rather concerned , it would appear that you are saying the brokers name John Lucas is not his name at all.  Should I pull my money out now ?

kenneth Saunders answered 5 years ago
OK!  thank you, will make a decision in the next few days.  It’s been a great worry to me, I know it’s not a million pounds but still 5k is 5k, well my account is showing £7250 at the moment or is that just a ploy to get me to invest more. 

Rolf tangen answered 5 years ago
Hi kenneth did IT go vell For you? I just transferd 1000$, but now They want moore IF they going to trade For me,it dont feel safe!!!

John answered 5 years ago
What did you decide?