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Gary asked 5 years ago
I had my first broker and was doing good, 10 days made over $700. Then she went a way, family problems they said.

Now I have Sarah Jones for the last 6 weeks maybe $300 we have made and they force you to take a bonus and you have to trade like $70 for every dollar they give before you can withdraw anything and if you are lucky 3 $30 trades a day she told me a month ago we will reach that by June 17.

Well we are about $8000 from that Mark as of the 15th don’t think we will ever make it.

Are these people scamming me or any idea’s here.

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Gary,
They are probably scamming you.
Did you read the review of Janus Options here: https://scambroker.com/janus-options/
There is no reason to use an unlicensed binary options broker, and any broker that says they are trading for you are actually lying to you, read this: https://brokerwithdrawal.com/managed-accounts-forex-trading/
Good luck

Robert Belden answered 4 years ago
I too have been a victim of fraud by Janus Options; with a very similar story. So, I can see I’m not the only one who was misled and cheated by this scumbag operation. They beg you for money, promise you you can withdraw your profits when needed, but when you try, they always refuse with some BS system-generated e-mail! My contact there was  “Dan Ellis”, before the site went offline in early November. Fortunately, I was able to capture several screen shots of my account from their website to document the fraud they commit and the absolute scam of a “business “ they run.
As of Dec., 2016,I have retained an attorney in the UK (London) who specializes in these types of cases- generally referred to as “binary fraud”.

Virtually all the stories are about the same as the fraud being committed by the scumbags like Dan Ellis at Janus Options. Janus Options is also affiliated with other fraud options brokers, including Teraton Trading, Motion Capital, Kinetex, and RST Captial. So, if you were defrauded by any of these brokers, you can pursue them legally as well, as part of our class action lawsuit. I hope this helps all of us get our funds back. Thank you and I welcome any comments from anyone. RC in Florida.

Robert Love answered 4 years ago
Hey Robert,
I have had a very similar experience with Janus Options, as have many others I’ve found out. When they shut the site down in December I had been trying to close my account and at least get my original deposits totaling $7,500 back. I have screen shots of my their website showing my account balance of over $20,000. I lost all of it, not by trading losses, but because the website shut down. 
I already reported them to the UK’s fraud department online, but they didn’t do anything. I’d be willing to join whatever class action lawsuit that helps make a case against them. Send me a messag