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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
JMB Profit Machine boast about using clusters and nodes to generate huge sums of money. They tell you to use 2 brokers: Bee Options or Citrades. What are your thoughts and recommendations about this?
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Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 7 years ago
I agree that Binary Option Robot is the most versatile trading robot out there today!
Moderator Staff answered 7 years ago
We call this another day, another get rich quick scam.   Do you know what clusters and nodes are? Because clusters and nodes have nothing to do with trading binary options.   You can check out the lady in the picture on the bottom of the page here: she is also using clusters and nodes!   Do yourself a favor and read the review of BeeOptions, and then choose one of the highly rated brokers here.
Moderator Staff answered 7 years ago
JMB Profit Machine is just a new name for Binary Boom.
Anonymous answered 7 years ago
Nobody will ever "generate huge amount of money" for you or anyone.If it was true,don't you think,the whole world would sign up for it?