Kane Davis Cooper LTD company with website www.kdcltd.com is a SCAM

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsKane Davis Cooper LTD company with website http://www.kdcltd.com is a SCAM
Constantin asked 4 years ago
It seams that the trader Alan Liddington is leading the website kdcltd.com is a SCAM company so please avoid it.
They said that they are offshore company in China in Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng,
518028, China.
I invested with them 9393 USD in a company called NUANCE with the indicative NUAN on Nasdaq.
They said “We are very pleased to inform you that we have been successful in acquiring your order of 600 shares of Nuance Communications, Inc. (NUAN) at a price of $ 15.50 per share. You will also need to download and complete the W-8BEN form which will release you from being charged withholding tax on transactions in the U.S. markets. This can be downloaded from the same page of our website as the international account application form. Once you have made payment for your account, please ask for a copy of the transfer receipt and email that to us also. In the meantime, your account manager Steven Evans will be in touch with you to further discuss your trade of Nuance Communications, Inc. (NUAN).”.
They gave me a document with shares of NUAN and with CUSIP No 67020Y101. Everything was fine.
After 2 transactions that they did without asking me from about 9000 USD they invest in KND – kindred Healtcare, Inc – CUSIP No 494580103 so they make a 25% profit to about 11571 USD (-1% commission).
Then they said to add more 41000 USD and that they will double the investment.
I said that I do have to talk with some friends to invest with them together as I didn’t have think kind of money and that I would like to have about 100% profit and they wanted to invest into a IPO called SBT – Sterling Bancorp, Inc
I consulted with my friends and they said to ask more prof of this company. Then mr Alan called my and he said to check it online at iramcn.org/en/members.php?cid=101053-kdc their company.
I said then that I want to meet him in person in China and then mr Alan said that is NOT possible. Then I said that I want out of the transaction and to “bail me out as he said by phone”.
I even said to work with an external company – escrow but ofcourse they didn’t accept it.
Now they are saying that the account is frozen so I lost everything.
The Kane Davis Cooper LTD company with website http://www.kdcltd.com is a SCAM company so please avoid it.
If you have any idea where to report it to authorities and what to do please advice.

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Florrie Muir answered 4 years ago
We have had the same experience with them. They want us to pay more money for a Anti Money Laundering Certificate otherwise they will not refund our money. We do not want to give them more than we already have as we also think this is a scam. We have been told unless we pay another $ 9716.60 our account will be frozen. What can we do to get our money back without loosing more money?

Michael answered 4 years ago
The Kane Davis Cooper LTD company with website http://www.kdcltd.com is a TOTAL SCAM.
I ask for the money back and they ask for more money to do the Certificate of compliance for my trades. I have asked again for the money and they insist that I have to pay extra money for that.
After a long talk I got the answer that the company Kdcltd.com can pay for that but I have to wait a lot more time.
Until now, after 5 months I have no money in my account. So… total SCAM.

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