Keep getting a run around about getting my withdrawal from BinaryBanc

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shirley malone asked 5 years ago
I made a $10.000 deposit with BinaryBanc in July 1 st week  by bank wire he told me to send him proof of the receit. I did the next day he told me to ck my account he had made me $500 just like that, then he email me and said he did’t get the bank wire after all.

so I call the bank the same day, they said I did,nt come back they would have the FBI into it, when I call him and gave him that info, he told me oh, he received it, what happen was 4 people were sending wire at the same time, so he was going to start making me some money, the very next day my bank called and said the bank wire came back because of the wrong benificuary so I called him back which I didn’t have to do, which mean he had told me a lie, when I mention the FBI, so the bank rewired, I didn’t here from him several days, was emailing him asking him when were he going to start making me some money, on July 22,16 he said I received the $10.000 and he was going to start making me some money right away, I never heard from him again, just been told all kind of lies about him, and the run around about me receiving a withdrawal, Including, my broker have left, sick,no longer with us, to back to you need to talk to your broker, I said oh you mean the one that is no longer with the company, oh you couldn,t hear a pin drop,so later he offer to give me another broker, I said I don’t have any more money to deposit for a new broker,  I just want my money I requested, I have email, support, emailed contact, and everybody in compliance I told them I desperately need a car, but I still haven gotten it ,I made my first deposit May 16, made more money from the $1,000 than I made with the $10,000 now Last Tue John told me to quit call there I was going to  get my money, I told him when those broker keep pressuring you and calling you to make a deposit, they call you, so now, my phone call won’t go thru, like my numbers are block, so what can I do ,get a lawyer, or contact my attorney general . which is best?

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Shirley Malone answered 4 years ago
I have been contacted by two different people, one told me he would get my money back (withdrawal) named Ron with Ten Option, if I give him a deposit in return, a one time deposit, he tole me to leave a little money in their, I said why don\’t you get my money back first, from BinaryBanc then I \’ll make the deposit, he said you need to ack on this now, It\’s really big, he sais I will get my withdraw in two days , that was Aug 16,2016, that never happen, the broker made me some money, then ask for another deposit, which I told him that\’s not what Ron told me, so it was all lies, they is working with BinaryBanc, he says not I had proof had to send to my CC company, and I got my money back, also another lady email me and said the same thing she knows some one that can get your withdrawal back, I ask her question about the company, and the company too, but they didn\’t answered none of my questions, and only been around for a few months, her name Monica Albert and who she recommend was Traders licence tech, but I ask for reviews, how long they been helping people, those questions and more wasn\’t answered, he did say if you don\’t get your money back I wouldn\’t have to pay them nothing, but you have to pay them thew western union