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Ranon asked 3 years ago

Is the Bitcoin Revolution Trading App Legit?

It really depends on which version of the software you are using. There are currently 8 different websites claiming to be the "official bitcoin revolution platform". The only one that actually has an algorithm trading robot on it is: Was Bitcoin Revolution featured on Dragons Den? No Was Bitcoin Revolution featured on Shark Tank? No Did Elon Musk or Trevor Noah Invest in the Bitcoin Revolution App? No. The article you read which said they invested in it, is actually fake news. Is Bitcoin Revolution a Legit Product? That depends on many variables, and if you read the review below, you will be a bit wiser. Bitcoin Revolution Software

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Call it is trading app or a trading platform, Bitcoin Revolution is actually CFD trading robot for automated trading. Do you understand how CFD trading works? Most new investors have no idea how CFD's (Contracts for Difference) actually work. You should watch some education videos on CFD trading watch here. Don't make a mistake and think that a fancy trading software like Bitcoin Revolution will make you thousands of dollars because the fake testimonials on their website. The reality is, that most people deposit $250 into the brokerage account, turn on the software and then.... Either their account balance drops to $0.00 in a few hours, or it fluctuates between $150 and $300 for a few days, before dropping to $0.00. Fine, so automated trading is risky, and has a high probably of losing money, but you are still interested in the gamble. Here is the major problem... You will probably be directed to an unlicensed offshore Forex broker. Sometime Bitcoin Revolution suggests a legal company to invest at, but many times you end up at a broker with an address is Bulgaria or Estonia. They employ high pressure salesmen to convince you to invest with them, and they will even lie to you and say that they do not need a license because they are trading Crypto currencies. That is again not true, the FCA has warned investors in England about only using a regulated broker for CFD trading. Go check out the regulated broker Bitcoin Revolution Fake News Alert Can you make money by investing with an unlicensed broker? No, There are no investors who make money with an unlicensed broker. Only the scam artist running the place gets rich. Best CFD Brokers
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