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It is growing like a Weed (no pun intended), the new Weed Millionaire Trading App, that was allegedly featured on Dragons Den. Investors and Stoners across United Kingdom are trying to get their hands on this software. But where is the login page, and what is the official website of the company? So you ask, Is the Weed Millionaire Legit, or a Scam? The answer is a blatant, and shocking YES! Yes it is a Scam, No it is not legit! Weed Millionaire Legit Dragons Den Think back to December 2017, when everyone was talking about the Bitcoin Code Software. That one also proved to be a hoax! If you want to see a Cannabis Stocks trading robot, go to: TheCannabisTraders.com.

Weed Millionaire Scam or Legit

The reason why trading apps like Weed Millionaire are actually a scam, is because they direct investors to offshore brokers. All online brokers must be licensed and regulated by the FCA or ASIC. Do you know what CFD trading is and how it works? Most people have no idea how Contracts for Difference work, and how they profit or lose with a CFD. Simply using a CFD trading robot like Weed Millionaires, is not going to make you ten thousand dollars in a month or two. Investing online is not for everyone, because the fact is that most people lose money. Regulated brokers in England and Europe display on their websites how many people lost money trading in the past 6 months. Go look at the percentage of winners at the FCA regulated broker ForTrade. Weed Millionaire Scam on Dragons Den

Weed Millionaire Reviews

There is no reason to rewrite what Scam Broker Investigator already found in their Official Review of Weed Millionaire. Basically, Weed Millionaire claims to be a revolutionary software, that uses an algorithm to trade and invest for you. The reality is that they are just sending you to an broker with offices in Estonia, that only wants to steal your money. You have plenty of options of legitimate CFD brokers, who offer Cannabis / Pot Stocks for investing. Best Forex Brokers Go visit the best trading robots page, and see software that allows you to choose a licensed broker.