How to lose 100% of your trading capital with Binary Options

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

How to lose 100% of your deposited trading capital in 5 minutes!

Please have a look at this unbelievable experience in Binary Options Trading!

Attracted by a video about binary options trading, where a software system is demonstrated which guarantees you a high chance of winning, a trading deposit is demanded to start-up binary trading. After a 500 € deposit paid I was presented a login for the website of, which really looked very professional.

Within 24 hours, I was called by a trading broker who explained me that my trading deposit could be far better handled manually instead of automatically by the presented software, reaching over 80% wins, to be done by one of their brokers. (This means that the whole “software set-up” is only presented as a bait to fish new victims).

I was presented to Mr Gabriel Graydon, who told me that he was the head broker of the company with zillions years of experience. He explained that if I really would like to make some money, my deposit should be raised to at least 15K.

When he perceived that I was not overly enthusiastic to do so, he finally agreed totally with the 5K I was prepared to deposit, in order to see how this would be handled by him.

He also told me that my deposit account would be handled personally by himself, implying an even bigger chance of winning.

In the snapshot below I can show you how this “experienced” head trading broker of the company BinaryBook succeeded in emptying my deposit account in less than 6 minutes, putting approx 50% of the deposit( 3 x 1000,€) on a put option of GBP/USD, and the rest on 2 more puts of different assets (EUR/USD and GOLD, see the attachment photo), ALL with an expiry time of less than 1 hour!

I can tell you, my dog would have played better in the Las Vegas Casino playing red or black!!!!! I still cannot comprehend the total lack of competence of this Head broker, Mr Gabriel Graydon, representing BinaryBook!!

Imagine if I would have followed his advice to invest real big money!

Their comments: “You are a businessman Charles, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose!”

When I complained about this most foolish trading I have seen in my life, I was contacted by another trader of BinaryBook suggesting a “strategic session” for me, which I answered that this session would better be offered to their head broker, Mr Gabriel Graydon.

Please people, stay away from this company BinaryBook, because if this indeed is not a “scam” company, at least they are blessed with total incompetence of trading!

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Armando answered 5 years ago
Add me to the club. When my account was at 11,700 USD, I told the broker Andrew Miller of Wynn Financial (maybe a fake name), that I would like to withdraw 10,000.

He said that it would be good to leave around 3,500 in the account. So he talked me into trading before withdrawing. Trusting him for the good work he had done so far, I went along with it.

In five minutes we did 42 trades.  Around 35 more trades than the usual 6 or 7 that we were doing twice a week per session.

In 10 minutes I lost 8,000 dollars.

Be careful of Wynn Financial. It is a scam!