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The NEW BitcoinTrendApp is another investments trading robot software, made for Contract for Difference Investors to use with their broker.

You most probably did your research and found many Forex websites that say that the BitcoinTrendApp is a scam or a fraud, so we will explain why they think the way they do.

We assume that you know what Forex Currency trading is, and how it works. The problem is that many people have never heard of investing in CFD’s, or even trading stocks. When they read about a new trading software like BitcoinTrendApp, they think that they can make thousands of dollars just like the video says they will.

BitcoinTrendApp Scam

The main reason why this software is a scam is because they connected us with an unlicensed broker called GetFinancial. Investing online is not for everyone, and most people lose money. Actually the numbers show that 70% of people lost money trading at the FCA regulated broker ForTrade.

Imagine how many people make money at offshore brokers. The answer is ZERO. Noone makes money when they send their money to the Marshall Islands.

BitcoinTrendApp Software

What the BitcoinTrendApp system does for you, is it automatically places trades in your CFD brokerage account. When investing at a licensed and regulated broker, then you would probably use an Expert Advisor from MQL5.

If you look read this review of Ethereum Code Software, you will see that, uses the same software.


Go visit the robots page, and find a software that allows you to choose a licensed broker.

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