Master Options Locked Me Out of my Account

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I received an email message from you about Master Options and unfortunately I can not find now longer.

It was a tuning speed and taxes email. About how to get help to take out the money that I have left in your account and can not charge. there are 8980.5 €.

It’s my money that ann left in my account before they shut me off from the website.

How do I get that money? I have a screen print left on 22 February 2015. I can send a copy of it if needed.

My name is Juha Ålander
[email protected]

1 Answers
Anonymous answered 6 years ago
Years ago, when i was thinking about signing up with BetOnMarkets but before i did, i entered its name and the word review into a search engine and the first link showed a guy complaining about them, that he wasn’t able to get any money, he made with them, so i immediately stayed away from them.
BancDeBinary and 24options are good and couldn’t find any complaints about them.