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Alina asked 5 years ago

I invested some money with a broker called Perfect Binary, website

My account manager told me that they were on the market for over 10 years and they helped lots of people to make money. I told her about my negative past experience with other brokers and she said she would help to recover my money back. She was trading for me and I could do it myself as well.

Everything looked fine until they disappeared without notice with my money and probably with others. The website can be found but nothing on it can’t be accessed anymore.

Could you please help me to find them?

Do I have any chances to get my money back?

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Harry answered 5 years ago
Unfortunately mate you’ve been scammed by this company. They do this to all their clients every month. But the trick they use to keep all your money is that after a couple of months of trading for you they tend to shut down their website and create a new one without telling you. They will continue to repeat the same cycle. So next time don’t trust any trading sites unless it is regulated and also really dig deep into the company, find as much information about them as possible and do your research before giving away your identity and money to complete strangers.