Option Financial Markets are they reliable or a scam?

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Yen asked 5 years ago
Hi, do you have recent complaints about option FM?

I am wondering if they are genuine broker or a scam. The account manager keeps asking to deposit more money to be eligible for special features.

The way things were communicated sounded very suspicious.

3 Answers
Jim answered 5 years ago
Please do not trade with Option.FM, they use aggressive pushy account management tactics to try and get you to deposit large sums of money and will try and encourage you to lose lots of money by placing high risk trades with large percentages of your account balance.  The signals that their alleged “tier 1” analysts have a low success rate, I think I averaged about 40%.  Stay clear of Option.FM.

heidi answered 5 years ago
I trade with ofm and have been very happy with them,  they have won me trades and haven’t been pushy, I first put $250 but then put in the balance to make sure I had a broker trading with me, which has made a world of difference