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Pamela A Rohlman asked 5 years ago
I have made a recent trade with Option King and am showing some growth.

Have I made a mistake by trading with them?

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Can you withdraw your money? If they easily and quickly process your withdrawal then you are fine, if not, then you probably did make a mistake.
We found this review of Option King: http://scaminvesting.com/option-king/
In general, binary options should always be traded at a locally licensed broker. Otherwise, you have no recourse for problems.

Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
It looks like the OptionKing website is dead. Another scam broker on the run.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
I too was trading with Option King, who kept wanting more of an investment.  When my adviser told me I need to put in more money or he could not afford to waste his time with me, i tried to get my money back.  At this point my account had almost doubled.  When I requested a withdrawal of my original investment, suddenly my account came alive with losing trades.  Within about three days I was wiped out.  The fact I requested my refund prior this happening didn’t carry any weight.  Also they quit answering my phone calls, always in a meeting.  Yes this is a SCAM. don’t get sucked in with the promise of quick income, and great wealth, it is not going to happen.

RAYMOND answered 5 years ago
Yep it’s a scam as above I too had great success which started over at Optionmint a sister company. Long story short under advice I moved money to Option King and had quadrupled my balance in no time. 
Was given a withdrawal date which never happened. Basically got abused on the phone by the account manager who told me one day I had lost all my money (over €100k).
Watch out they are pirates