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eha652 asked 3 years ago
OPTION LEVEL website is a huge scam.

This guy that calls himself Paul Lambert will tell you to put your money on this website and to open an account there. You will send you money there and it will be in the account. He will start trading it for you. Then you will never be able to withdrawal the money.

He will tell you that you need at least a 100000 in your account to withdrawal it. Asking you to invest more money , telling you that he has proven to be a explicit trader. Well he is not.

He owns the website and it’s all scam. The money you send will go straight into his pocket.

When it’s to good to be true. Don’t do it!

All the best.

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Kutloano Matabane answered 3 years ago
Also got scammed by him hey I knew this was too good to be true

Young answered 3 years ago
Who knows a guy known as Alexander quinby who is a trader?

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