Optionbit is a scam (proof)

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Amanda Letsie asked 5 years ago
i was recommended optionbit.com as a broker by Neo2.

i made a deposit and lost all of my money within days. i first won the first couple of trades and lost it all.

i have a screen shot of my placed orders that show i placed two $30 trades that give me $0 return.

where do i report them?

please help.

2 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Amanda,
Your problem is that you used the NEO2 trading system, which is a bad trading robot that randomly places trades on your account.
They are not owned by OptionBit, they are a separate software.
If you are located in Europe and used the licensed OptionBit.eu broker then you can take your complaints to CySEC.
or Call the people at OptionBit and see what happened.

Keletso Amanda Letsie answered 5 years ago
i did not used the neo2 software entirely.i started with the software with a deposit of $250 . when my money reached $175 i then decided to work with Joni Cabrera from optionbit.com