Optionbit Partial Regulation & Associated Risk

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
According to the review, Optionbit is regulated for EU clients. All others outside are unregulated & run via Top Volume Solutions Ltd.

What risk if any will I be at using them.

I am outside the EU & the Trend Trader app I am using has used Optionbit as the broker


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jonjonjon answered 5 years ago
Don’t invest. Optionbit are a scam broker. One of their moron account managers, who called me when I foolishly signed uo through crappy buffet. Have me a big spiel that he usually only handles an account no smaller than $500,000, but I choose 4 small accounts per month and you are one of those very lucky two. Of course alarm bells were going mad. He tried the usual rubbish Let me show you over a couple of skype sessions bla bla bla, Anyway long story short. The same idiot called me the next day and gave me the exact same scripted spiel. The platform was also ridiculously laggy, conveniently most often when you went to place a trade.