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Mahammad asked 5 years ago


I signed up in Safe Income and I received a call. I think it was a broker from Option Bit.

He asked my visa card details to activate my account and I gave them to him. he told me that my account is activated but whenever I want to deposit 250 dollars I should email him and he will call me again and help me.

Can he use my card for his own purposes?

What should I do? Should I email him or not?

Please help me

Best regards,


2 Answers
Vincent Taylor answered 5 years ago
Contact them, why wait? It they seem weird,close the account.

Allan answered 5 years ago
I was with Optionbit for as long as my account lasted. They badgered me to put more money into my account and even tried taking money from my credit card themselves. They are super dodgy. Give them a wide berth.