Kevin asked 5 years ago

I am asking to find out if anyone here has used a company called OptionsSignals, with a website by the same name?

They offer a couple different services, one is monthly access to their website/signals for $495, and the other is that they will Trade For You (manage your account(s), and they charge $9,500.00 for 80 trading days.

They promise a very high rate of accuracy, and they are based in London, UK.

Any info would be appreciated.


Kevin C.

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Kevin,
You should read about managed accounts here: https://brokerwithdrawal.com/managed-accounts-forex-trading/
Also, OptionsSignals is located in Cyprus, just look at their terms and conditions page.

Kevin answered 5 years ago
Thank you for your reply, and the info. I will research them futher.  And yes, Cyprus, I missed that. Thanks again!

Mike Smith answered 4 years ago
I have worked for optionssignals.com in cyprus  , STAY AWAY FROM THEM ITS A COMPLETE SCAM

Richard Emlyn-Williams answered 3 years ago
I paid $1000 in May for life time membership, then on June 1st, paying €7500 . They traded until 9/10 /17, when I had €12000 in my account. They were using the XCM trading platform. Then I had an email from Brian Herbert, saying they had a security breach and had closed down hoping to return open in 3/4 weeks. That was on 23/10. I have since sent emails and made phone calls, all un answered. Brian sent me an email with all contact details. bherbert and/or [email protected] . US phone +1 646 394 9092. 75 Broad st , 4th floor, New York NY 10004. Also, HK  RM 21 2/F New Henry House , 10,Ice house st, Central, Hong Kong. They also gave 3 Harbour Exchange Square, HX3.4.02 , E14 9GE. Ph +44 103 769 5331, but that doesn’t connect. The US no just rings and rings. I tried calling again this morning. No answer. I did get a call from the 9092 no a couple of weeks ago, but by the time I got to my phone it rang off, and although I called it back, there was no reply. Brian Herbert seemed genuine when I did speak to him originally, and the traded every day from 6/6 to 9/10. Seems a lot just to scam, when all they had to do was take the deposits. I wonder if the US fraud people will honour the debt ? I know they have a compensation scheme for people defrauded, un like the UK. Do keep in touch if you find out anything. Good luck. Richard.