OptionsXO – Appalling Scammers & Their Brokers Threaten Their Customers

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Michael Robinson asked 4 years ago
I have severe problems getting Optionsxo to honour a withdrawal they initially confirmed (I have the screenshots).

A broker contacted me by email following my withdrawal request and swore at me, and subsequently threatened me – then the following day he applied a bonus to my account which I didn’t ask for (obviously) – as I had by then made it plain I wished to cash out my account.

I then heard from ‘a senior broker’ at Optionsxo – John Louis – (but almost certainly not his real name) who assured me my withdrawal would be honoured and the bonus removed – that was three weeks ago. Since then my account remains frozen with my funds locked in.

How Optionsxo believe they will continue being able to call themselves a legitimate trading company beats me if they behave like this with their customers.

I have written to their finance and compliance departments asking for clarification as to when my withdrawal will be honoured.

If I don’t hear anything, my next stop is my lawyers.

Don’t touch Optionsxo. Don’t touch Optionsxo.