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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I think about opening an account in OptionTrade.

Do you have any information about them?

4 Answers
Anonymous answered 6 years ago
Hi, I have real account from 3 months. With execution everything is ok. In this time I did one withdraw and I waited 3 days for money so ok.

Anonymous answered 6 years ago
Do you trade via mobile platform? I have problem with my phone and I cant test this apps.

Huma answered 5 years ago
Optiontrade offers mobile app however i found it more easier to trade through their web-trader as it is more easier while analyzing the charts on MT4 too. 

Aksha Zulu answered 5 years ago
Well as per my trading experience i guess both mobile and web based trading is good but on mobile we have limited options to toggle between screens so web based trading is done more easily in my view. But the whole thing is that they are providing a good service as I haven’t had any complaints from them since i started trading with them.