People complain about how trading isnt working for them!

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tim asked 3 years ago
I am looking all over the internet and all i see is that people complain about how trading isnt working for them!

Maybe you people are just gambling and complaining and dont understand that 250 dollars will NEVER be 20000!

The only problem is their promise, but most of these Forex brokers seem to be legitimate! If you take a trade and the price drops YOU LOSE! Do you cry like this when you lose at the poker table?

I traded with Ava, Plus500, GSI Markets, etoro…ive tried them all. Don’t take a bonus…learn how to trade and take your losses like a man!

Been trading for 15 years and have lost a lot but knew always when to get out! This is why I net a yearly profit around 25%. Crypto trades dropped in the past week. All you think you’ve been scammed? NO you just dont know how to trade. Leave trading to real traders.

Go get a night job at a restaurant if you cant take losses. Trading is risky but makes good profit if you know what youre doing. Stop clicking buttons and start learning how to manage your accounts. The brokers push what gives them the biggest bonus, we all know that.

Do your homework

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
You tell them Tim!!!