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Ben asked 3 years ago
Has anyone experience trading with Prestige Financial Markets?

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Ephraim Bo answered 3 years ago
On April 6, 2018 I joined the PrestigeFM Broker, not willingly but by opening up with
this directed me to the Broker PrestigeFM. I deposited the €250 min required, but the sum never showed up on
the MaximusCryptoBot platform Balance. Then I sent an email to and received an answer.
I was told to withdraw the amount paid. I did this and explained. After first refusal I wrote again I will use other measures if they would not comply. They confirmed Tuesday 10.04.18 the pay back is being  confirmed and really today I had the money back on the Credit Card account. But let me say this. The platform is primitive about every 5 minutes one has to enter the password again and the Equity amount is disappears again and again. Please note. I never executed any trades with them.
Also note (there are two other fake websites with the same name only the ending is different) gives you only access to non registered brokers and that is disturbing. I was scamed by unregistered brokers before,

Jerry answered 3 years ago
Hi ephraim bo, what trading do u use now pls?


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