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Viviane asked 4 years ago
I opened an account in August 2016 with HBCbroker (same family company of Dailytrades) and everything was going fine, I had the support of the broker and my account was growing until October 5th when I request my first withdraw.

My broker do not answer my emails, messages or calls. The telephone number on their web-site does not work and I haven’t received any money back!

HBCbroker has a license in VANUATU under the name MPG Invest.

What can I do to have my money back? Any advice on where to complaint?

2 Answers
Nicolette Lanuza answered 4 years ago
Hi, were you able to contact them? I also registered with them and now with your review I’m afraid to know if they are scam or what. So were you ablebto connect to them?

Viviane Vieira answered 4 years ago
I managed to contact them back, my broker is still giving advice on trading but he says that the finance department is overload of work and it’s taking more time than normal to withdraw my money. This story is being for little more than 1 month now and I’m not sure if it’s really true.
so far, I haven’t received my withdrawal, and no updates on when I’m going to receive!
very disappointed and not recommended!!