Here is Proof That Binary Reserve is a Scam

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I signed up with Binary Reserve after watching their very convincing video.

And then a couple of days later I start receiving emails from “Jay [email protected] via getresponse” telling me to sign up with the real deal, and we owe you money, etc etc. Every day I get a new email from them.

But the scam part about it is that they are telling to sign up with the Profit Maximizer (not Binary Reserve) which is just another video page trying to get me to give them my email address.

There isn’t even a place to log into Profit Maximizer on their website.

I am actually trading now at and what I like about them is, they rarely email me, and when they do it is for system updates and new brokers.

Also, they have never sold my address to a spam company to send me ridiculous email like Binary Reserve sends. Look at this picture of my inbox! It is insane!

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