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Oat asked 6 years ago

Would you recommend the binary options broker called Quick option?

I like their mobile app for trading, and they seem like a legitimate company. Have you heard any complaints about them?


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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago
You can read a thorough and more detailed review of Quick Option here.
Quick Option is a European licensed and regulated binary options broker.
The only downside to them is that they do not have a desktop trading platform, they are purely mobile based with the iOS and Android apps.
Their system is automated so that you should not have to deal with any human.

Anonymous answered 6 years ago
Thanks a lot. I didnt hear any negative feedback as yet. 

calvin wu answered 5 years ago
Lost 25k under direct guidance from the chief analyst. Told it was my fault because i did not have the right attitude. I take my loss as my fault and admit for being scammed into it. Please well and truly aware that they make money from you wether you lose or win trades. The chief analyst asked me to deposit more money despite him guiding me to losing 20k in one half hour session.

They are glorified sales people with targets people. They have to make margin so will do what it takes

Trust me when i say this you cannot make money from this. It is glorified gambling with worse odds. You bet up or down (basically 50/50) they teach you to double up and triple up when you start to lose. So trust me when i say this you min deposit of 350? Is gone after the first attempt.

Learn from me. I made a massive mistake lost life changing amount, yes my own fault for being duped into it and scammed.

I lost 25k in 30 minutes under a RECOVERY session they called it. And when i ask how can this happen they just say it does happen. Then you literally left pennyless and no way to recover based on their technique.

If anyone is in doubt of this review i have full proofs ready to share so you can make your own education decision, skype history, emails, screenshots. Happy to share this to help you decide how they operate.