Does anyone know or dealt with RTG Trading?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsDoes anyone know or dealt with RTG Trading?
Oanh Emily Truong asked 4 years ago
Does anyone know or dealt with RTG Trading?

Does anybody hire a lawyer to get your money back?

Recently, I was scammed by RTG Trading, not by trading binary options but by different tactics. RTG trading claims that I would receive a cheque due the account is closed and need to be registered.  All documents were sent seemed properly legitimate.

I was asked to pay taxes, fees… by sending money via Moneygram or Western Union in Dominican Republic. I was thinking that RTG trading’s accounting department could have deducted taxes, fees before sending a cheque to me. Rtg trading kept asking to pay legal fee, Fee for sending for my package because the cheques are held at Port  of New York.

I checked with US control border and told not to pay it because it is a scam.

The whole thing is a scam after I paid quite bit of money and don’t think I ever get the cheques.

Please be aware this scam.