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Thapelo solly asked 9 months ago
Hy I would like to know if ultra pro markets is legit or not I deposited $250 with them telling me that I’m going good to withdraw money after 7days.

It’s now a month when I wanted to withdraw they told me that I must pay first before I get my profits.

I just wanna know if anyone knows them are they legit because the account manager says I must pay that money, I’m gonna get my money

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Xyami answered 8 months ago
Who is your account manager?

does he or she have social media accounts e.g Facebook?

Xyami answered 8 months ago
I’m still not convinced that they are legit. I also invested my money with them, withdraw after two weeks but I was asked to pay first before I get my profits.
paid the amount I was told to pay but now there is another payment due apparently for for the link to my bank account which I’m reluctant to pay.
considering the potential risk I’m putting myself and my hard earned funds, I have given up! I don’t think they are legit.

Alexander Hamilton Sr answered 6 months ago
Ultra Pro Markets is a scam.  I payed all that was requested of me then they disappeared.  The supposed forex trader wrnt ny the name Jackie Pierce on facebook.  Do not get entangled with them!!

St.Adam answered 6 months ago
I also invest three months ago a $290 they ask me to pay a withdrawl charge that is too much, i still did not get my profit, wonder how can I get my money back.

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