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John asked 3 years ago
Can any one help out with information on ‘Secure Options Market’  they were previously known as ‘ Traders Licence and Tech’

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Diane answered 3 years ago
Someone from a phishing site referred them to me. Misled me to believe that they could help me get my money back from another Option company.

They tell you to wire money to different banks all around the world to protect their identity. They misleed you to think the other option company will give you signals that will ensure you win your trades. They keep referring you to different businesses and keep making up stories for you to send money. It never ends. You’ll never see your money back.

They pretend to care until they money is gone.Its a horror show. Don’t know how I lived through it.

John answered 2 years ago
Can some one recommend a online forum site that will provide facts on past and present options dealers

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