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George asked 2 years ago
Hi fellow Investors,

After I was scammed by a company called GXFX, in which they stole over 10,000 Euro from me. Now I get a call from a broker at a company called SEPAFX ( claiming that they will try and help me get my funds back. They said I should start with $1,000 by them.

Sounds like a recovery scam to me.

Looking for feedback from other people about SepaFX.



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Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago

The first thing you should look at when choosing a Forex broker, is one that is has a local license.

This means, If you live in the United Kingdom, then use an FCA licensed broker like Plus500 or ForTrade.

All Crypto & Forex brokers need a license, to invest your money for you.

Go look at the list of licensed Forex brokers.


Lisa Jane answered 2 years ago
Hi, has anyone got a telephone number for these people that rings more than once before it cuts you off, I’ve tried with several different phones?  They’re not responding to emails and I can’t find an actual location for them either. The guy I spoke to said he was in Stockholm.
Thanks Lisa

Kirsten, Denmark answered 2 years ago
I have also invested money in GXFX, and the persons in this company told me that they had moved to sepaFX where also my money now was invested. I have not got any money from them. They insisted in using my internetbank and they made a payment there – they said it was money that I would get, but it was not true – there was made a payment in my bank for them. I got it stopped before it was too late. Until lately it has been possible to email the people behind these companies, but now I get my email back. Anyone who knows their new emailadress? Is there anyone who knows the country they belong to (which police should I call?)

Airah answered 2 years ago
Sepafx is a real scam? Anyone have encountered the name of Michael R? He’s been very persistent though; phone calls and e-mails.
Cause we wanna withdraw our money already, but he’s been telling us that some sort of declaration is needed and we gotta transfer some sum to him again for them to totally process it. Is there such thing guys?
Hmm btw, we’re from Singapore. We just want our money back though. ?

Johnny Mansson answered 2 years ago


Rita Ravari answered 2 years ago
Hi everybody! It seems to me that we are many good hearted and trusting people who have met the bottom greediness and dishonesty! We all have lost a hug amount of money with no trace! It is a scary thought what they can be able to do with those money. It just CANNOT be the end of the scenario! I have lost more than 50000€ and until last Friday Tony Wallenberg was willing to talk now and then. After that he probably has blocked me and I can’t reach him.

As all of you said, you don’t get any answer from them after many emails you send. It feels so unreal! Can it be that easy to collect millions of dollars without getting cut??? What can we do??

I haven’t even told my family about this disaster yet. It has gone 5 months ?????‍♀️

Best regards Rita

Sihben answered 1 year ago
Hi, I have also recently been scamed by sepafx. After investing some money , I wanted to stopp and withdraw my money but they told me that I had to send my saved money to a bank account they helped me to open in

Otherwise i would not be able to get my money back and might pay too much taxes to my country Only because I had started trading. I was not sure that they were saying the truth and i still cannot believe how i became stupid and trusted them.

After making a money transaction to the bank kraken , the money disappeared to another account.

they blocked my account in sepafx and Could never get back my money.they Called me later and promissed me that they would try to help me but they Only tried to decieve me more by trying to make me take a loan !!

Tony Wallenberg, Michael Rosenberg and Mike Hamilton are names of the persons i talked to. I do not know if it is their real names since  they are big lairs and criminals and I  really hope  that they will get the hardest punishment that they deserve for stealing money from people by this ugly way.

The last thing Tony said to me is that he was moving to Dubai to start a new trading company there!! To the hell i hope..

Johnny Mansson answered 1 year ago
Mike Hamilton and Tony Wallenberg Jr. – employees at SEPAFX.COM – are all three parties the worst and most detestable creatures on this planet. They deserve nothing else than having their lives and looks presented at the very first page on every main newspaper. It’s everyone’s duty to ruin their opportunities to get an employment.

christain answered 1 year ago
scam!!!! and the fraud department found out where and who they are!

JSS answered 1 year ago
I have also come across SepaFX whose business model is to steal other people’s money.

They claim to be serious and professional brokers but in reality the only thing they can do is lie to their victims. I was stupid to do what they said to me to do even though I knew, for example, they lied to me that a bank account must be open for foreign payments to be able to receive foreign payments, which is not true of course. I wanted my money back and they told my several times that everything was under control, they was doing the paperwork but suddenly one Antonio (claim to be some kind of head of finance, but  I doubt, a scam is what he is) told me that the transaction has been stopped by Swedish authorities (first tax authority and then my bank Nordea, I checked both due to I have friends working on senior positions there and both said what that Antionio told is a lie, The tax authorities can only stop something if there is a prosecutor’s decision behind and Nordea saw nothing in their system that they would have stopped something to my account). I assume they live in United Kingdom, but doubt that none of them has FCA license like Plus500 or ForTrade.

SepaFX is a scam company and the company conducts criminal activities and aims to deceive as many people as possible, they do not worry if you are healthy, ill or a low-income person, they completely ruin people’s lives by deceiving.

This above says everything about the company and we must all be focused on stop them. I have today reported them to the police and I will contact companies that can help me get my capital back, including my IT department, working now with IP adresses and soon we will have a location. Police report made for fraud. After SepaFX got the information about the police report they blocked my account.

For All of your information, Broker Benjamin Fischman has stolen 5 kEUR, broker John Davis has stolen14 kEUR and in addition 22.9 kSEK, think the names are fake but anyway. If someone calls you from SepaFx and says amazing the whole time then you have  Benjamin on the line, hang on at once and abort the call and block the number..

Svein Rognli answered 1 year ago
I have also been fraud last september for over €40.000,and it’s Michael Rosenberg and Alexander Petrovsky who has fooled me.

Alexander Petrovsky claimbed me for not investing…. I said I wanted to know where my money was gone! He told me I had an account – I said I knew,but I had just 28800 there. He asked me to wait a few  minutes and told me I was wrong – I had €48880 on my account. I asked him to send me the account by email,and I got it. But when I asked to withdraw the amount everything became very difficult,and now they have closed my account.

Perhaps we should join a common group against these criminals and try to get our  money back?

what do you think?