Should I Invest my Money with Shepard SDP

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Laura Belaggio asked 5 years ago
Hi there, Laura here!

I just received an email from Brandon Lewis about a new trading software for binary options called Shepard SDP, and they told me their recommended broker is Rumelia Capital.

Does anyone on the forum know if the Shepard SDP software makes money and where do I login for it? I keep getting emails sending me back to the signup page.

They even told me that I have money sitting in my account.

Awaiting your answers,


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Laura,
It seems that you are new to trading binary options.
We suggest you first read about the good binary options brokers, see here.
And then you should read about real automated trading software here.
As for Shepard SDP, it is a just another name for the old trading software called PolyGraph Millionaire. You need to make sure if you are using an ATS (Automated Trading System) that you are using a licensed and regulated broker. Many brokers do not permit API trading robots in their terms and conditions and that is why so many people lose money with robots.
We found an honest review of Shepard SDP at: