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Ranon asked 1 month ago

I recently signed up with a new trading app called Tesler Trading. The trading app redirected me to a broker called AscentMarkets, and asked me to deposit a minimum of $250. The broker they told me to use is AscentMarkets and their website is at:

It seems like AscentMarkets is a legitimate broker, because their website says they are owned by StoneX Financial Ltd which is licensed by the FCA and ASIC.

Are any other people here using this broker, and can give me feedback, positive or negative?

I once got messed over by a broker from Cyprus that was actually from Estonia, and I am still fighting with them to get back my deposits, ( I already gave up hope on recovering any profits.)

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Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 1 month ago

Watch out Sidney, this broker is actually a Clone!

A clone broker is when scammers take the information of a legitimate broker like, and creates a new website with the regulatory information from the legitimate company.

StoneX is a legit company, but Ascent Markets is not related to them.

Go look at the StoneX license from the FCA, and you will see that Ascent is not an authorized brand under their licensed.

Always verify that your broker is actually licensed in your home country. If you live in South Africa use an FSCA licensed broker, if you live in Australia then use an ASIC regulated broker.

Looking for a regulated broker, check the list here.

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