Should I Invest With Coinstrader?

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Althea asked 3 years ago
Hi Crypto Traders,

I got an email about a new trading system called Green Tree Profits, which is suppose to make money trading crypto currencies like Bitcoin & Dash. They created an investment account for me with the company CoinsTrader.

Has anybody ever used this broker Coinstrader and successfully withdrawn their profits?

I have the complaints about scams which are not licensed, and do not give you back your money. I am also concerned that I will not have any protection from my credit card company, because they only accept crypto currency deposits.

Also, is that Green Tree Profits software reliable?

Thank you,

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Althea,
When choosing an online broker for investing, we only recommend using a legal, licensed and regulated broker.
Plenty of brokers are licensed in Australia by ASIC, see here.
Many crypto brokers online today are blatant scams, and we have received many complaints.
If you are interested in automated trading, or trading signals, look at these.

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