Should I Invest With Ocean Markets?

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Ranon asked 1 month ago
Hi people!

I signup with a trading software called CryptoSoft because of an email I received. The trading systems robot then created a trading account for me with this new broker called Ocean Markets at

Does anyone have experience investing with Ocean Markets, and have you managed to actually withdraw your trading profits?

I had problems in the past using Crypto CFD brokers from Marshall Islands, as it does not look like the government in the Marshall Islands does a good job regulating them.

Any feedback you have for OceanMarkets would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I am currently investing with Vantage, and they are pretty good about processing my withdrawals quickly.

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Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Lynette,

The general rule for deciding on a Crypto Broker or Forex Broker to invest with is to; always verify that the broker is licensed in your home country.

If you live in South Africa use an FSCA licensed broker, if you live in Australia then use an ASIC regulated broker.

None of the legal / licensed brokers will invest or manage your money for you, because they can’t guarantee returns. Also, brokers are not legally allowed to manage your money without a proper Power of Attorney.


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