Should I Invest with Option Giants?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsShould I Invest with Option Giants?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I was recently solicited to invest with Option Giants (

Do you know anything about this company promising huge gains and a 50% deposit bonus? It seems too good to be true to me.


Jared van Asselt

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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Jared,
You need to read the article called Managed Accounts for Binary Options. Then you will understand that there is no such thing as an honest managed account.

You can also read How Brokers Make Money here:
And then you will understand that these solicitations are most of the time just get rich quick schemes.
Many Australians have been targeted by Options Giant, and they should be aware that they are not licensed by ASIC. The only broker we have currently reviewed that is ASIC licensed in HighLow, you can read the HighLow review here:

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
If you go to this page: you should see a broker that is licensed in your country.
Only trade with a licensed broker, or you will have problems.

Ranon answered 6 years ago
Jared I would never invest with a broker, and I only trade with licensed and regulated brokers. Too many horror stories about unlicensed scams going out of business. 

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Hey I did it,  DONT DO IT ,  IT IS A SCAM

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Option Giants is a scam. Just ask my mom who lost $17,000 shelling out money to these fraudsters.. 

Robert DiNoto answered 5 years ago
I am in the same boat. My account has grown but can not get them to honor a single withdrawal request. It has been over a year with multiple request to withdraw money from my account.  

meme answered 5 years ago
I have been in this one also under EXOGEN   took all our money now exogen is working under new one called Tall options,,,,EXOGEN filled all our hearts with bullshit wiped us with our own money, now if you put 1.000 into Tall options you will receive refunds…after 7 months and no money with EXOGEN AND SANDRA BARENS ,,, I don’t think so…ooo the money traded to the tune of 125,000.   now…sure looks good ,,,what a farce,,they should be held accountable……

Dennis Zimmerman answered 5 years ago
I was approached by an Australian associate to invest in Option Giants. There were many, many people who tried to get it. The system became overloaded and then, the Australian government created problems to force them off shore. In 12 months, my balance got up to $225,000. I have not been able to withdraw one cent. The website has changed and the CEO has put information up on the website but it’s all a scam. No e-mails are answered. No communication. No company address or phone number. and they don’t seem to be registered anywhere. So much for this Canadian investor.