Should I Use the Click Money System?

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Moderator Staff asked 5 years ago
We received a few emails from some of our most dedicated forum readers, asking us about the new Click Money System.

The Click Money System is actually a new blend of a couple of previously popular trading systems, one was called FastCashBiz and the other was called Cash Formula.

We signed up at Click Money and were not very impressed with what we saw.

It is a closed system binary options robot, which does not allow you the trader to control any aspect of the software. You cannot control risk, and you cannot choose which assets or strategy the bot should trade. So you are basically going with blind faith that the software will actually make money.

You can read a full details review of Click Money System at:

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
And for the update 3 weeks later. Click Money System is dead, closed and out of business.
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