Steve Tuffrey asked 5 years ago
Good day

I am enquiring about a broker called stoxmarket, They are owned by a company called the Marketier holdings pty ltd.

I can not find them on your reviews and would like to know what you know about them.
Kind regards

Steve Tuffrey

3 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Steve,
StoxMarket is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. If you do not know where that is, then search Google Maps.
StoxMarket are not licensed brokers, and don’t seem to have anything special that you should want to trade with them.
Find yourself a good licensed broker here:

Prince Zulfi answered 4 years ago
I really had bad experience with them. they are not regulated, they offer you bonus and will not communicate terms and conditions. the amount you deposit you get equal bonus and will will not be able to withdraw your deposit or profit made on deposit or bonus unless you fulfill terms and conditions. the account manager will try his best to wipe your account because they are market makers and your loss is their profit. when ever you will try to withdraw they will offer you attractive upgrade so you keep your amount with them. they are scam and never trust them.

Faical Abu Hood answered 3 years ago
this video answer all your questions