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David Gardiner asked 4 years ago
Has anyone completed the 12 month managed SWP Portal term and been paid satisfactory?  Any reviews please?

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
This broker is NOT an FCA authorised company. 
They list on their website an address of:  Strategy Corp Ltd, Address: Palm Grove House, P. O. Box 438, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
It is important to know, if you decide to trade with an offshore broker, then there is no FCA protection, and the only way to get your money back is fighting for a ChargeBack with credit card company or bank. You can read about MyChargeback, which is a service to help recoup lost investments. 

Simon Simpson answered 3 years ago
I was with them for 12 months on the SWP Portfolio, took a month but did get my funds with profits.

J mcarth answered 3 years ago
hey David, i actually had a corporate account with strategy markets and i made some good profits in my first year, but felt it was affordable for me so i had to pull it out, but it was a very up and down euphoric rush, bit too high tech for me. but made around 16% by the end of it so all in all good if you don’t have heart problems  🙂

Martin answered 3 years ago
I’ve had an account with them for 10 months and after an initial increase of about 50% its now down 20%.  Anyone else experienced volatility like this?  Also, their customer service seems to be suffering after the relocation to Switzerland.

David Gardiner answered 3 years ago
I have similar results. they made three large losing trades Friday .  The website appears to be closed down and my emails to them are bouncing back!

Brad answered 3 years ago
Anyone got more detail on whats going on with these guys?

Jenni answered 3 years ago
Hi Looking for a contact as our broker Charles Stevens left and same problem no service and now we cant even go online.

David Gardiner answered 3 years ago
The emails have sent them today have all bounced back 🙁

AH answered 3 years ago
I have an account with them but their servers are down and they are not contactable.  Anyone else in a similar situation?

David answered 3 years ago
Hi Martin
That pretty much mirrors my experience, they did 3 big losers i Friday on mine and yesterday and today I can’t access there website.   Have they really relocated? what’s the new address?  Not looking good!!

Jenikel answered 3 years ago
I am in my 1st year of a heavy investment – and have read some horror stories today with regards to this company. I feel really sick at the prospect of losing my money now. I’d be interested to hear off anyone wgo has a successful pay out before end of July this year. Thank you.

William. answered 3 years ago
The original telephone number to their so called accounts team can still be phoned. 00448000315292.

Adrian answered 3 years ago
Like many other, my investment made a really bright start in September and I got a small pay out in January but since then 13 of 17 ‘trades’ went south. Emails bounced back and website down. Looks like we’ve all waived goodbye to cash. Maybe there’s the opportunity for a class action?

Janet answered 3 years ago
In a similar situation as well wasn’t able to get through to anyone as the point of contact was always engaged. However spoke to my broker earlier on today and he said the domain was taken down by UK regulators and we should receive an email on why but nothing as of yet! ill keep checking

caroline answered 3 years ago
I started with them last June. Tried to go on line with them this last 24 hours but their servers are down . Anyone know whats happening?

Jim answered 3 years ago
I\\\’ve spoken with the FCA, they didn\\\’t say it\\\’s a scam, just that they\\\’re definitely operating without approval of the FCA and that in the event of it being a scam our investments will be non-retrievable.  I\\\’m still very unsure and haven\\\’t been able to reap any dividend yet.  You must apply before 15th June, because the dividend is issued a month later 15th July.  It\\\’s bad that they don\\\’t reply to emails, apparently they have far too many clients and get bogged down with emails.  Did you make sure you included ALL the bank details and currency etc?  I\\\’m tempted to ask for some of the balance, just to test the water.

Thomas Gray answered 3 years ago
Strategy Markets and CPT are a scam. I have lost total deposits in excess of 80K and a supposed account total of over 250K.
They were both highlighted by the FCA in April 2018 as being scams. Please all do yourselves a favour and contact Action Fraud to highlight this criminal activity to its full injustice. The number is 0300 123 2040.

Martin answered 3 years ago
Thanks for the info guys, I’m slightly reassured by the comments.  Will have a go at contacting them through the new email address and try to log into their new website…

Martin answered 3 years ago
I managed to log into my account at the new address and then seemingly by coincidence, I received a call from my guy at strategy markets, Andrew Burrows, yesterday.  I knew he had relocated to Switzerland as he told me a few phone calls ago but there was no mention of any buyout or name change.  When I asked him about this he said I should have received an email informing me all this was to happen.  Anyway, our accounts are now with CPT systems but no longer with the SWP portfolio.  I’m seeing some large trades on my account (one was just over 15% of my total account balance) which concerns me and it’s now not just FX only.  I see trades for stocks, commodities and FX.  It seems like all the original guys are leaving (I’ve spoken to Charles, Jamie and Andrew in the 13 months I’ve had my account).  Shame I am too late for the dividend, I don’t like how fishy all this seems, so if there’s anything left in 11 months I’ll probably pull it all out.  I should mention that its back up to the tune of 34% again.  Oh, apparently we all got a cash bonus from the buyout (20% of the original investment or something) anyone know more about that?

Jim answered 3 years ago
Tried logging in today and it fails.  On another forum people have reported their accounts being completely wiped out in a single withdrawal.  The buyout was supposed to credit our accounts with £2000 GBP but I haven’t seen this credited to my account in any obvious way.  We’re supposed to wait now until 20th July to know how much dividend we will get relative to the % requested before 15th June, finding it very hard to remain optimistic.

Carl answered 3 years ago
If anyone manages to make a success withdrawal of funds on the 15th July, please come back here and report it. The rest of us wish to know whether we are being scammed or not.

Jim answered 3 years ago
I agree with Carl, please post straight away if you have any success.
15th July is the date they calculate your dividend and their fee, I don\\\’t think there\\\’s any trading over the weekend so perhaps check your balance on Friday 13th of all freaky days!
Apparently they can take up to 1 month to process the dividends, so let\\\’s sit tight and hope for the best!

Arif answered 3 years ago
If had no payout, instead I have had two bad trades reducing my profit to 0 today (16 July). My profits should have been processed yesterday but nothing. Seems very worrying.

Jason Butterworth answered 3 years ago
Just to let you guy’s know, the 15th came and went with no withdrawals showing for my requested dividend which they emailed a verification that I was added to the list for.

Today on the 16th that dividend disappeared when their system made 2 large so called investments that just happened to total the expected dividend amount.

I have today sent a snotty email to them with the my Action Fraud crime reference number included.

Mukesh answered 3 years ago
Hi guys, I have more of the same. My balance got wiped on the 16th and they told me there is no profit on my account. I have sent a couple of emails but very evasive answers just quoting that this is a high risk statergy and there are no gaurantees of prifits. I think they don’t have any money to pay dividends so all the accounts have been rinsed by large negative trades. Very worrying

Carl answered 3 years ago
Yes. I an in a group of about 10 investors.. and it’s the same story for everyone.. as soon as divedends have been requested, the profit has been reduced to 0.
It’s a scam.
Not one person has been paid a cent. Not one.
My advice is to file a report to Action Fraud asap. The more people reporting them, the betrer.

AB answered 3 years ago
Had a reply from CPT saying that as 15/7 is on a Sunday, dividend day is close of business on 16/7!
My account had no trades for over 2 weeks then 2 large loses on 16/7 meaning no dividend. I spoke to another ‘investor’ at CPT who had experienced the exact same.
Out and out scam I’m afraid. Also evident that we have all lost our cash.

Jenikel answered 3 years ago
@Jason Butterworth – any joy? I’ve been emailing since early July. Finally had a quite rude response today that I emailed wrong dept – fills me with reassurance :/ I have tried to withdraw on the system but it doesn’t allow. I’ve had no pay out in the 12 months investing and yet it shows a withdrawal? Since requesting withdrawal, I have suffered losses of £40k in 3 transactions all on the same day. I’m worried sick. Many thanks.

Thomas answered 3 years ago
Huge trades going on with 9 out of 10 being losses. We requested a January dividend, with strategy – which never materialised – with various excuses  that our bank wasn’t accepting the funds! gave different accounts and still ‘computer said no’ .  At least with strategy we were having regular contact which made us feel that it wasn’t a scam, but now – very much believe that we will not see our money again.

We all  need to take action to ensure that nobody else gets sucked in. As well as action fraud there is also a complaint form on which is the Swiss equivalent of the FCA.

We feel sick that we have lost our money but if we can expose this company for what they are then that will at least make us feel a bit better!

john answered 3 years ago
Invested 20k 1 year ago now worth 3k and get any sensible response and they apparently no longer take phone calls. My account is still trading despite an agreed cancellation date in July.

Caroline answered 3 years ago
These people are crooks . As many people as possible need to report this to the authorities. I am in a group on another forum. The more of us there are ,the better the chance of getting the authorities to do something.

Mukesh answered 3 years ago
Hi guys since my last post, my account has also continued to have large losses and I think this will continue with most accounts until all the balance has been wiped out. I wonder how many investers have fallen prey to this scam. We can make as many fraud reports as possible but we will probably never see any of our money. I think the amount probably runs into millions. We have all been well and truly had

Jan Horsley answered 3 years ago
My husband invested 25000 pounds last August which in the beginning was doing well until I was asked to speak to Mr Stone who wanted to find out if we would like to increase our investment which was declined after which time it seemed to stagnate to a degree . On occasions we were receiving phone calls from Andrew Burrows informing us how things were going as we were abroad with limited access to the internet. In June  2018 he contacted to tell us that we must apply for a   7000 pound bonus which of course we have not received he also told us to give.e 60 days notice to withdraw our investment  now we find that it is being run down proberbley to 0. I have now been in contact with a charity named elliiott advocacy to see if they can help us.

Light answered 3 years ago
I have had to admit I\’ve been scammed. My account is going down and down . This is a scam. Contact action fraud. The more numerous we are , the better the chance of catching these scammers. I didn\’t get my July payout and I\’m not waiting anymore.

Julia answered 3 years ago
Well, by what you all are saying, looks as though I have been scammed out of £70,000 as well. I contacted Finma, low and behold CPT is not a registered Swiss Company, they are operating out of Ukraine. Hopefully, somebody will catch these people.

Steve answered 3 years ago
I paid £9500 into the Forex Robot account of Strategy Markets.  It took a year to get to £21,000 and lost it all in 3 weeks.  Classic Boom and Bust strategy.

After 1 year I asked Andrew Burrows if I could close my account.  He said that the account needed to trade a minimum volume and that I would have to keep my money in for another year.
Then Strategy Markets disappeared and my wife eventually found CPT Trading.  Andrew Burrows is no longer there now and has moved on, but as the system is fully automated we can’t get them to respond.  The account went up to £17,000 and I asked for a bonus payment, but it dropped quickly to under £9000 and they paid out nothing.

SCAM.  I can still log in….but have no power over my investment and have no faith in being able to ever get it………

Andrew Buckley answered 3 years ago
Its strangely comforting to find this group.  intuitively I’d hated the sound and the salesmanship of the chap who initially sold the package to me, Aaron Golding, but I guess greed got the better of me and I ended up chucking in £20000 last year.  Rose to £45k earlier in the year, and after saying I was keen to withdraw has conveniently plummeted to just £3k.  Clever scam, all numbers I had were de-registered.  I suspect there’s no option for remuneration unless criminal charges were upheld and money extracted, but that seems unlikely. What strategy have people taken to report it? If you have is there reference to which we can add linked reports?

Andrew Buckley answered 3 years ago
It feels strangely comforting to know that others are having the same issue. 20K down the drain too thanks to Aaron Golding and Andrew Burrows, both who have been denied by CPT systems.  Anyone taking this further? Someone registered the issue with FINMA in July by the looks of it, though there’s no other information there? Anyone know if there’s any legal recourse against these crooks? FINMA said they do have a criminal investigative option for “large sums” but I have no idea how large the sums are;  in Switzerland I imagine very large!

Andrew Buckley answered 3 years ago
Just a follow up from FINMA:

Dear Mr. Buckley

Thank you for the information you have provided with regards to CPT Trading Technologies that merely purports to have a physical Swiss address. The name appears thus on FINMA’s warning list:
as the company name is not even entered in a commercial register: (
kind regards

Claud Bütler
General Secretariat and Communications
Strategic Services Division

David Scott answered 3 years ago
I invested £5000 first off, then eventually another £20000 then  25000. I feel like a complete idiot needed to say my account has basically at £4000 now I requested money back before Christmas they kept saying they never received my email. cos you have to request it by email, by the time they got my email, they said it was too late. within a period of two weeks I sent them an email telling them that I would be pulling out after Christmas as that is the end of the year and within that 2 week  scale my account went from £146000  to £4000 I’ve emailed them 8 times or more never get an answer
Someone in this group suggested that we get together and see what we can all do. I do not want to let these people away with what they’ve done to me and other people as it was my life savings
So I suggest we get a Facebook account and we can all join it and hopefully come up with a plan of action

Anonymous – Scammed answered 3 years ago
I’ve previously been discussing the issue in another forum, but CPT are reading the threads and they are sometimes able to determine who you are based on information you provide in your comments. They then block your account. Not that it matters particularly because it’s clear that the portal is just a simulation and that no trades have actually been placed.
Some of us are also communicating in a whatsapp group but it’s not ideal as there is no transparency and it is difficult to find previous comments after some time has passed. I did recently create a a Facebook group.

Feel free to join, however, your Facebook profile needs to reveal enough information to moderators that they can determine that you are a legitimate victim, rather than one of the perpetrators.
I personally have lost more money than I have seen anybody mention in the comments above. My bank says they can’t help.

Action Fraud have not responded and I’ve seen others receive a reply from action fraud stating that there isn’t enough evidence to do anything. Some of us have recently written to our MPs. I’m sure there is a lot more that we can do if we put our heads together properly and pool our resources but anything we write here, essentially informs the scammers of what we are about to do and allows them to consider how they can prevent being caught.

Yongchen answered 3 years ago
I  have lose money strategy markets and CPT too.