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Phil asked 4 years ago

Can someone please tell me if 53 Capital Trade is a scam ?

Thank you

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
You need to check any binary options broker to see if they have a license. 99% of the brokers who call you are not licensed brokers. 
Have a look at our Best Brokers page, and also read the article about Managed Account Scams.

Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Jupiter is just another 53 Capital Trade employee spamming the forum instead of resolving John Harari’s complaint.

John Harari answered 4 years ago
They are MEGA scam !!!!!! 
Located in Israel ! Don’t business with those fucking guys !!! 

William Walling answered 4 years ago
53capitaltrade are located in London.
53capitaltrade are one of the best trader company to trade with.
I have made a profit of over  34K.
The most important thing I got my profit back in less than 2 days. 

Alex Gray answered 4 years ago
An amazing company I have made last week an amazing profit in one trade!! 344K  

John Harari answered 4 years ago
Hahaha this is so funny !!!! The company itself upload comments !! Pathetic !
This company isn’t located in London !!! Those people are Israelis !!  They may sit in Georgia or/ and Israel ! 
We sent lawyers to ”their address” in London, but, guess what,  no one was there !
Don’t trade with them ! They have no regulation !!!!!! 

Jupiter answered 4 years ago
Dont really understand what is all the hustle?
I wont tell how much I invest or how much profit I made. I will just tell that I am getting great services from 53Capital trade, I already manage to withdraw some funds.
My broker name is Joe Gomez.

John Harari answered 4 years ago
Our lawyers is already take care of it in front of the Interpol & F.B.I, soon you guys all can see those scammers on T.V behind bars.
Good luck ! 

Mr M answered 4 years ago
 Johnn Harari, what are you trying to do?
You probably have a lot of free time to make bad reviews on companies. 
53capitaltrade are a really good company I’m happy to be a client of 53capitaltrade. 

John Harari answered 4 years ago
What do I do? Trying to get my money back !!! 
I have only 1 question for you !  Do you have a license ?? Yes or no? 

mahendra kanbi answered 4 years ago
53 Capitaltrade Are scammers be aware
they were known as 53option before and they linked with many fake companies including edgedale finance
john harari don’t worry I have got a lawyer from United Kingdom and Israel To help us, these morons are based in Israel and my lawyer in Uk will give all the information including the building where all these fraudulent companies are being operated to the FCA and Gambling commission which they will force the Israeli government ISA to launch investigation and prosecute individuals who are acting in this illegal activity and shut down the entire industry.
We shall see our money very soon I have faith in god and all my fellow lawyers and British government
you are the fifth person I have spoken to who has been scammed by these idiots and I suspect they may be many more from just 53option so I am pretty sure this is a big find for ISA. Very soon these scammers will wish they never messed with me as I had promised to the lady on the phone as well as the fake sales man ( Steven trust ) that I will go till the end to see them suffer like they made me and others suffer
Victory will be ours my fellow victims
please note this is not a FAKE comment if you want to confirm you can also search the google and type In 53option and open the site forexpeacearmy where you will see my detailed evidence

Sax music answered 4 years ago
53 capital trade is a scam! 
They do not have a license and are not regulated by any financial authority. DO NOT do  business with them. Diana Kovac and Ashley (thats what they call themselves) are scam artists. They call from UK numbers. If you try to call them on these numbers, you get a recording (442036428452, 442038074776, 442038074475, 442036178231, 442037694722, 442037690743, 442037690570, 442038071123).
I tried to get a withdrawal and Ashley wanted me to pay to get a withdrawal. Everytime they call, they try to get more money. I haven’t received my withdrawal yet. On their site it states 5 business days, but its not true!

John Nylund answered 3 years ago
Hi everybody!
I have spent over $23000 in funds with this company. On my account with them it say`s that I have a balance of over $80000. I have tried to made a withdrawel for over 4 mnds, but every time I try they say I have to pay  either a insurance cover or a transaction fee . I was stupid and paid three times before I realised that I was fooled. So If anybody have any solutions of how we are going to get our money back I would be grathful. Maybe we could hire a money collector?