Terrible Experience with No1Options

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
I have problems with account management and my withdrawal is always deleted.

Next great difficulty is that there is nobody who gives support or tells me about handling or missing information.

I have no contact data to an head manager or similar person to get solved any problems which may be existing but I don’t know anyway. Till now I don’t know how I can get back my money. Or is there known criminal background at No1Options company??

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Anonymous Trader answered 6 years ago
They are just a gang of MF scammers! They took my $5000/- and so many stories coming.
One scammer after another are introduce as head broker, chief broker, top analyst, whatever they claim to be!
I am going to report them. They will regret duping me! Just watch.

[email protected] answered 5 years ago
No1 Options, and Dave Rosenberg and SHOF Marketing who owns them are criminals. They stole $100,000 from me through a few authorised transactions, the rest through helping themselves to a spending spree on my credit cards. i am still fighting to get money back because since I put through a few transactions, the bank looks at the $70k in unauthorised transactions with suspicion. Ownership of the No1 Options scam has been transferred to OTP Solutions, registered in the UK. The new director is a Mexican National, Jose Cosmes Lancon. A background check shows no evidence that this person even existed before OTP was incorporated in late 2015. I am still investigating further but it appears that this is part of the Israeli binary options scam scandal

sajad ahmed answered 5 years ago
No1 options is a big scam. you will lose all your money as they are not a genuine firm. They are operating from Israel with a fake address in the UK. They are not regulated and there is no way of getting your money. They will call you guranteeing you money within a short period of time. Once they have your bank details or other card details they will try to take the maximum amount and will refuse to return it. they have done this to many people i know and continuing to do this. i lost thousands of pounds through them. you will get called by many different people with fake names used Jacob Goldstein, Jima and Sean Davis. one will apologise for the others mistakes and guarantee you they will return your funds but will take more before doing that. This is all a scam. The few very positive reviews written on the forums is by people working them. nobody has even received a single penny from them. just cut the phone off if they contact you unless you want to blow your money away.