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Mohammed arbaz asked 5 years ago
Hi my name is arbaz


I have register my self in copybuffet software and got as broker, dont know they are good or bad and search them on internet did not got any reviews about them and i did not funded my account yet because iam not sure with the broker

can u guys please tell me are they are scam one or good one

best regards

2 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Arbaz,
You need to read this review of BinaryOnline:

Arshad answered 5 years ago
I also registered with copybuffetsoftware and funded my account with at that was my mistake. Copy buffet did not work except one-day and there is no support from copy Buffett to resolve this issue. No reply from them at all. only needs your money and they do not care if copt buffet works or not. I have struggling to get my money refund but So far unsuccessful. Please do not use copy Buffett or look for autotrade which provides you support if needed.