Trade Thunder

Wessel Wolmarans asked 5 years ago
Have any any one experience the same as I have with Trade Thunder.

This was somewhat odd, I placed a trade and lost, though the odd thing was and I note this a couple of times with TRADE THUNDER.COM that there platform or let me say only my trades places stopped at times just before the expiring time although the time has run out causing a loss, it is if someone is manipulating the trades, (can this be) I never experience this before with other brokers.

With this specific trade I was well in the money at the zero second mark when suddenly this happened again, it was if only this specific trade was hanging.

I looked at the rest of platform and saw every thing ells is running fine except for my trade that is in the money, I decided to refresh the page just to find I had lost this trade which were absolutely impossible, I am certain and convinced due to my odd experience with them that there platform is rigged or that trades are being manipulated.