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maulana asked 5 years ago
I am new with the binary trading and I am looking for some kind of auto trading and I found option robot.

Then I try to sign up with one of the broker from option robot which is stockpair.

So I would like to know is it true that we should register with broker from the robot app if we want to use the robot for auto trading?

Is affiliate with stockpair?


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Maulana,
In order to use OptionRobot, you need to open your brokers account from the Option Robot website.
If you already have an account at Stockpair, then you cannot connect it with the Option Robot. You will need to open a new account there.
The OptionRobot works with a few different licensed brokers, and you can have multiple accounts and multiple brokers.
Best regards.