Tradorax – Denied Withdrawal on Alleged Risk Free Trades

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Peta asked 4 years ago
Hi there – I am hoping you can help me withdraw my funds from Tradorax before the entire balances are liquidated.
I opened two accounts with them
In September I deposited $350 into one account to trade using Copy Buffet
In October I deposited $350 into another account to trade NEO2
Since my first deposit I have had my account representative replaced 3 times. The last one Eugene Jones does now not even respond to my emails at all.
From the beginning i sent emails complaining that the auto traders where placing trades even when I had them switched off “auto trading” also I eventually set the trade to 1 trade and they were placing up to 8 trades or more at a time… 4 within seconds of each other. As it was too volatile I sent several emails requesting they “unlink” the auto traders to stop them trading on my account. I started trading manually and managed to ensure that my balances where never lower than #300. Eventually, I stopped manual trading and asked for a withdrawal on both accounts.
Please note : I declined the offer of a bonus (and never received one) and was never “offered” risk free trades nor were they ever mentioned to me (until now that i am requesting a withdrawal).
I received a call from Jake of Finance department. When he called I asked if he was calling about my withdrawal and said no he wanted to talk about me trading more. I said I didn’t want to trade more and he said he had nothing further to say and put the phone down.
A few minutes later he called again. This time he started shouting at me telling me I dont know what i am doing . I asked that he not shout at me I would not tolerate it. He continued screaming my name over my voice saying if you was going to shout at me i would terminate the call. Even while i was saying goodbye he was still screaming my name over and over. I felt bullied by his verbal abuse and was very upset. I sent a complaint to my account manager at the time (Daniel Green) and support – the only response I got was from Daniel Green telling me not to send complaints to support.
My first withdrawal requests was cancelled without my knowledge and the system auto traders continued to trade against the accounts despite my emails asking that they be switched off or unlinked and despite the fact that both where had the auto trader feature switched off on their own platforms.
On 4th November when I realized they had cancelled my withdrawal requests I placed them again.
Jake from the finance department called and said that I could not withdraw as I had taken bonuses. I denied this and suggested he check both accounts he will see i did not receive any bonuses. He then so no sorry he meant I had received 10 risk free trades on both accounts. I told him that I had not and he said i had …….over and over and that I must not argue with him..
He offered to pay me $150 on the first account i had opened from a balance of $407.02 – he said the difference is because of the risk free trades. I asked him to prove the risk free trades and he said i must just look at my account properly and accept it.
I asked how much he would pay me on the second account and he literally hummed and haa’ed and then sound “oh about $150 from a balance of $472.50 as well because of the 10 risk free trades.
I refused to accept that settlement offer.
I created an excell spreadsheet showing all the trades placed in both accounts.
The second account had only 6 losses so I am not sure how i could have received 10 risk free trades
All the trades lost have a 0.00 return and there is no evidence of the money coming back into my account – the spreadsheet shows all my trades (wins and losses) and accounts for every transaction up to those balances. I did not receive any money back on any of the losses.
I sent the email to Eugene and support department with the excell spreadsheets attached showing them that I had not received any risk free trades (which I could prove) and could they now a) tell me how Jake got to the settlement amount of $150 for each account as my first 10 trades in each account was for $25.00 and could they please prove that I had in fact received these alleged risk free trades – to date i have had no response.
Last night Jake called me again and asked me if i was going to continue trading to cover my risk free trades or accept the offer of $150 per account. I said no, I was waiting for a response on my email. He said he could not wait any longer for my decision and was cancelling the withdrawal requests. I asked him to please ensure that no further trades where placed on my account. He said he would look into it but if it did trade there was nothing he could do about it.
I immediately sent an email to support and Eugene requested that no further trades be placed on my account until my queries be resolved. I also went into both Code Buffet and Neo2 and check the auto trades had been switched off.
This morning I check my account and half an hour after my chat with Jake and my email to Eugene 8 trades had been placed. I have just check at this morning and a further 8 trades had been placed at 3.00am this morning.
I can’t switch off the auto trading – which I have no doubt will eventually liquidate my account.
I can’t get a response to my queries about the alleged risk free trades.
I just dont know what to do anymore