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Swami Patil asked 5 years ago
Hello sir!

I really like your site and appreciate what you have done!

First of all I have one Question: is there any age restriction on this Binary options site to register and use?

Also I have one doubt! There’s one RSI under strategy advisor which is an algorithm which tells us whether it’ll go up or down. Does it really work?

Also which site you suggest? Banc de binary or trbinaryoption or any else?

Also only licensed sites are safe? As trbinaryoption don’t have licence!

Thank you so much.

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Swami,
The age requirement is 18 – 21 for most brokers.
The RSI is an indicator so it can be used as a tool, but you cannot believe that following it will make you a profit each time.
Depending on where you live depends on the best broker for you. Look at the Best Brokers Page, and try a couple of the brokers listed there.
Only licensed brokers are safe.