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Mark Ferrari asked 1 year ago
I lost money with Ivory Options in 2016. I have been contacted by the following company saying they have been charged by a UK Govt dept to pay back my losses in Bitcoin, which has been recovered from the Ivory Options scam.

I am posting the email they sent me from their email address [email protected] . Here is their email:

Dear Mark
My name is Alan and I will handle your case.
Who Are We:          UK Regulation together with the FCA has founded for the sake of many clients that fell victim to online fraud.  Our advantage is that we have traced the Bitcoins that the companies have changed on your behalf.
Our Aim:                 UK Regulation will not stop until the online trading scams will stop working and all the funds will reimburse their lawful owners
What We Do:          UK Regulation will reimburse your funds to your account immediately

Their Phone number is +44 20 3897 3487

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Moderator Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Mark,
It looks like a scam, because their website does not work.

Raj Ghai answered 1 year ago
I had the same call and email from the same named person
certainly looks like a scam to me as well

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