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SBnor asked 5 years ago
I don’t know if I’m breaking any rules here on this forum, since this post is more like a warning than a question, but I think it is important to warn as many as possible about a ruthless scam broker. Here is my experience:

UK Options is a scam! Stay away!!

It is impossible to withdraw money from an account with UKOptions. They simply don’t respond at all to withdrawal requests.

On Feb 25 I deposited €2500 with this broker. I’ve done some trading but not a great amount. My assigned broker tried to make me loose quite a lot of money on the Non-Farm Payroll event in March. However, I had an uneasy feeling, and placed smaller trades than he wanted me to. Good for me. I would have lost €5000 on the signals he gave me. Instead I lost just €500. Since then I’ve won some trades too, so all in all I’ve managed to keep the initial capital almost intact (€2397 remaining).

So, on March 7, I requested to withdraw €1000 from my account. The day after, on March 8, they placed long term trades without my approval, presumably to lock the funds from withdrawal. A week later I was approached by a more “senior” broker who called and offered to refund €250 if I would continue trading. When I didn’t want to, I discovered later that the password for logging into my account had been changed. I managed to reset my password.

Understanding that I had to get away from this broker, I withdrew my deposited funds. Since then, nothing, except for other and increasingly more “senior” brokers aggressively trying to persuade me into trading more. I have sent numerous emails and messages, and I’ve also tried to reach them on the phone, without any shred of success. They actually hung up on me, and when I tried to call again, I was placed on permanent hold. After almost an hour, I gave up. Credit card chargebacks is the only way to reclaim money from scam brokers like UK Options.

So, this is a WARNING to all possible future clients of UK Options: If you deposit money here, you will never see a penny again.

Either you will loose on so-called “secure” or “protected” trades, or they will just refuse to respond to your withdrawal requests.

Either way, you loose.

For God’s sake, stay away from this broker!

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Matteo Caruso answered 5 years ago
Thank God you managed to witdraw your deposit! Thanks for the warning!