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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Anybody has tried Ultimate4Trading?

They used EZTrader as their broker.

I believe both Ultimate4trading and EZTrader are not scams.

Any problems with withdrawing money with them so far?


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Sue answered 5 years ago
Hi, interested in your comments as I too have the same.  Though I haven’t logged on for a while.

James Lambert answered 5 years ago
I’m trading with EZTrader for many times and I recommend using EZTrader as your broker.  Their platform is safe and reliable. 

S. Barton answered 5 years ago
I started trading right away with EZTrader actually. I’ve haven’t tried any other brokers but I’m must say that their platform is very nice and simply presented. I’ve had no problems and if there are any other brokers like this one I’d like to know.

J. Gainford answered 5 years ago
Don’t rely solely on your gut when choosing what to trade on. Use the updates and calendars provided on the platform. Know ahead of time what can happen so you know what to do. Don’t just say “I have a feeling”. Check up on it first.

Shannon E. answered 5 years ago
The whole signing up process was uncomplicated. I opened an account and had to send some documents through to verify my account, then I deposited and started trading. At the same time an account manager went through the platform with me. It took about half an hour but he was very patient throughout. I haven’t been trading long so we’ll see how that goes but there service is very impressive.

Nicholas Walsh answered 5 years ago
There’s no need to be skeptical of a scam. Read up.The brokers has got a lot of positive attributes, but there are some things I didn’t particularly like: Some categories in the education center are overwritten. There is no Touch or Range option. Sometimes a response from support takes a few minutes. Overall though, very impressive platform and broker.

S. Payne answered 5 years ago
Do not pay any attention to negative reviews.

Only you know if the platform and broker are good for you after you give it a try.

Don’t come to conclusions based on other people who had a negative experience.

EZTrader is a perfectly fine broker, in fact they are one of the oldest.

Watson answered 5 years ago
No matter which broker you work with, trading will always be risky. I do appreciate platforms with clear risk warnings like EZTrader. At least this way you know there is the possibility to lose money.

Julius A answered 5 years ago
Signed up last week and they are excellent. I’m very impressed with the amount of effort put into making the experience smooth. Trading is tough but EZTrader gets you on your way.

Grant Riley answered 5 years ago
Even though they provide enough learning material to assist you along the way, it would be nice to receive more one-on-one consultations. One or two is not enough. Payouts are fine, I haven’t experienced any delays. The service is very good but again, you definitely need to know how to read the market to make money.