Utrader Broker – Withdrawal (Need users who uses them??)

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Rikin Joshi asked 3 years ago
hi ,

i have been contact by interbanc trading , and they was put 10,000 euro credit in my trading account and they said to me that they will trade by self and make the profit on my account and once they make the profit i have pay the 10,000 euro back to then and then i ll withdraw my profit from my , they have made the profit on ac all ready but i have confuse about this that is that true or not they really allow me too withdraw the profit if i transfer the money there bank account and they gave me hong kong hsbc bank detail to pay back there 10000 euro ,
so what can i do is threre you can answer me and clear my confutation

Thank you

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jack answered 3 years ago
Hi Rikin
Don’t pay the money you will never be able to withdraw your money. I fell in that trap and i paid them 20000eur.

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