Verifying bank account by paying money and get Them back.

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Nina asked 2 years ago
I Wonder if its normal in order to connect /verify my bank account, I have to first transfer 4000 euro to an English bank, and then they say I Will get Them back after 3 to 5 days. This was so The earnings could Come right i to The account. I have already payed an amount of 250 dollar for trading. This was sepafx. The transfer did not work tonight, so they Will call back tomorrow.

Is it a scam, or does it work like this? This is my first time ever to try to make money on This.

He was connected online with me in my bank account. I was not comfortable with it at all. Help anyone?

Best regards Nina

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Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago
No, Not normal. 
Go talk to an FCA licensed Forex broker from

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